Ecococoon Cocooncap - Black

  • Replacement mouthpiece & lid set for your Ecococoon water bottle.

    A soft-touch, dental friendly sports bottle mouthpieceand lid that eliminates the need for straws and sippers and is 100% leakproof, even when the lid is not placed on the cap. The one way valve in the mouthpiece provides a fast flow of liquid and instant closure when sucking pressure is stopped thanks to the inbuilt 4 cross hair mould that make the mouthpiece 100% safe. 

    Best of all, it does not require twisting, popping or pulling with teeth. 

    We recommend Cocooncaps be used for cold water drinking only, no hot liquids.

    - Dishwasher Safe - top tray or hand wash.

    - Suitable for children ages 1+ and adults

    - Australian designed and owned.

    - Fits all Ecococoon bottles.

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