Foost Next Knife (suitable for all ages)

  • A children’s knife for kids in the kitchen with a bit more experience, this knife cuts food, not little fingers.

    The Foost Next Knife can be used in the kitchen or at the table and is a great tool for building food literacy, independence and motor skills.

    Involving kids in meal preparation encourages the development of important cooking skills and helps children learn to love a variety of fruits and vegetables through positive experiences with them. Kids are also more likely to try new foods if they were involved in the preparation of it.

    Designed by a qualified nutritionist especially for kids, this 'next' knife is age-appropriate, heavy-duty and food-safe with a coated stainless-steel serrated 'blade' and chunky ergonomic handle. It allows kids to use an easy sawing action to cut raw fruit, cooked and raw vegetables plus meats.

    Suitable for children 2+ (note packaging says 6+)

    Made from stainless steal with a food grade coating this knife is BPA free, dishwasher and sibling safe.

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