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  • The Monkey & Chops Reward Chart is a fun and interactive way to set and monitor behavioural goals for your child. They can be used to encourage positive social behaviour or to refine practical skills, such as washing hands or making their bed. Your child will feel motivated and excited by the process and enjoy a sense of achievement when the goals are reached. Once your child reaches the end of each row a “small reward” may be offered as an incentive to complete their self-allocated goal. The incentive of a “large reward” may be offered for completing the entire chart.

    By involving your child in setting their own behavioural goals, they’ll take greater ownership of the reward chart process and feel empowered by their daily achievements. Once the system is established, allow them to tell you when they’ve fulfilled a behavioural goal and when they’ve earned a star so that the process, as with the behavioural skill that they are aiming to refine, becomes self-regulating. Achievement of behavioural goals will come through allowing your child to own the behaviour, own the rewards and triumph in their own development along the way.

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    Great for helping our daughter improve her behaviour.

    We were having issues with our daughter's attitude and general behaviour. It was taking her over an hour to eat her dinner and would keep getting out of bed for over 2 hours after bedtime. We have not experienced this in the past and this was very much out of character for her. We bought this reward chart with the hope it may provide an incentive for her to return to her old ways and start behaving like herself again. It took a few days of reminding her that she would not get a star on her chart unless she did certain things and she has gradually started earning more stars. We included her when picking which behaviours we were going to work on for the week and she picked most of them herself after we asked her what she had been getting into trouble for lately. We discuss with her at the end of the day if she thinks she has done what was required by the chart and gets very excited when she gets to put a star up. It has been a fantastic tool in helping our daughter become aware of respectful and appropriate behaviour.

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