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Lights Out Blind - 2 pack


Nursery and travel pop up blackout blinds for use at home or away. A simple, inexpensive way to darken rooms. These blinds fit most windows and are easy and safe to use. You can put them up in less than 10 seconds! No size adjustments necessary. No pulleys, ropes, tapes, resizing or complicated mechanisms, simply stick the suction cup to the middle of any window and pull the cord to secure in place – easy! Use Lights Out Blinds instead of blackout curtains in the nursery, kids' room, hotel room, temporary accommodation.

The blinds measure 1m x 1.2m each, however please note they have rounded corners so you may have a small gap in each corner where the blind is curved if you are using with a 1m x 1.2m window. We recommend using the 2 blinds together with an overlap and sit the blind over the frame rather than inside the window frame.

The blinds also come with an accessory to use with deeper window frames or recesses and their own storage bag.


Ideal for the nursery. They eliminate the reason for early waking and help babies and children nap through the day.


Use them in rented properties, hotels, holiday cottages, B&B's, student accommodation, hospital rooms etc.


Help you and your child sleep well on holiday. Combat jet lag by creating a dark environment.


Great for shift workers, darkening media rooms, classrooms, conservatories etc.


Why Choose Lights Out Blinds?

  • They take seconds to put up/take down (see video below).
  • Each pack contains two blinds, offering positioning flexibility.
  • They can be attached to open windows, allowing in the breeze on hot summer nights.
  • They can work on recessed windows.
  • Unique design means no tape or fixings to windows or window frames and no fiddly size adjustments are necessary.
  • They are not window specific, so can be moved from room to room.
  • Simple attachment with one suction cup applied to the centre of the window.
  • They are a cheaper, multipurpose alternative to purchasing blackout curtains.


Storing and cleaning:
Lights out come in a small neat bag making them are easy to store or pop in your suitcase. Simply wipe with a damp sponge if they need cleaning.

To put them up:
Unfold the blind and press the sucker firmly to the window. Tighten by using the toggle and pulling the cord. For open windows or deeper recesses, easy-to-use extension rods are provided.

To take them down:
Loosen the toggle, unstick the suction cup, squeeze the sides together as if folding in half. The blind will then collapse.


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