Daily Routine Chart


The Monkey & Chops Daily Routine Chart provides children with the perfect visual reminder of their morning and evening routines. It aims to encourage your child to learn and understand the order of tasks in their morning and evening routines while developing independence and confidence in performing these tasks each day.

Each family can individualise their child’s/children’s routine by using the range of task magnets included. By involving your child in the “routine building” process, they’ll develop a sense of ownership of their daily routines. Younger children will enjoy the sense of achievement from completing the tasks “all by themselves”. Over time their routines will become second nature, taking the stress out of the busy morning rush and the evening wind down.


Included: 1 x Daily Routine Chart magnet; 1 x Task magnet sheet (37 task magnets, 1 blank magnet,); 1 x dry-erase, magnetic pen.

NOTE: This product is a magnet and must be attached to a metal surface such as a fridge, magnetic picture board, whiteboard etc. Some stainless steel fridges have low levels of iron in their doors and are therefore not magnetic. Please check the magnetism of your fridge before purchasing.

Dimensions: Daily Routine Chart 170x390mm; Task magnets 30x30mm

Recommended for Ages: 3yrs +