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  • The Monkey & Chops Pocket Money Maths chart helps to create a link between responsibility and monetary reward. It provides parents with a resource for allocating your children's expectedhousehold chores and a monetary value they can expect on completion of the task. By adding a value to each chore that’s completed, it promotes your child’s understanding of monetary value. Most importantly, it introduces children to real-life applications for mathematics within the family home and in everyday fun!

    The Monkey & Chops Pocket Money Maths Chart can be used for up to two children. Attach your child’s name tag to the left column of the chart and add the pocket money magnets according to the chores they’re expected to perform throughout the week. Mark the days on which they’re expected to complete each chore and a specific value for each. Each time your child completes a chore, place a tick in the corresponding “completed” box.

    Schedule a weekly “pay day” when you and your child put aside time to calculate their weekly pocket money. Start by counting the ticks along each row and fill in the “total completed” box for each chore. Encourage your child to multiply this value by the “chore value” to get the money earned for each chore. Then using the calculation zone, ask your child to add the combined total of all of their chores. Enter this number into their “weekly total” tag and provide the monetary reward for a job well done!

    The Pocket Money Maths chart provides your children with a clear framework for earning their weekly pocket money/allowance. Expectations are clearly set-out so there is no confusion when pay day arrives. Implementing pocket money systems can further teach kids that with responsibility comes privilege and reward, a positive and fundamental part of development.

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    Absolutely worth its weight in gold!!! We had hoped this chart would encourage our kids to do their jobs on a daily basis without being asked and without the arguments. Now they have the chart they are genuinely excited to do them and tick them off each day. I have already spread the word to fellow Mums!! You won't regret this purchase. There is a really great range of chore magnets included also. Definitely recommend

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