• The perfect solution to keep your wrap fresh and tasty!

    Wrap'd is a unique Australian design and is the perfect solution to keeping your wrap fresh and tasty.

    Your wrap is held together neatly while you eat it, and can be sealed back up and saved for later.

    • Fully reusable

    • Dishwasher safe

    • BPA free

    • Fun for all ages

    • Waste free

    • Hygienic

    Pull the top tabs down to the first fold line and start eating. When you need to reveal more of your tasty treat, peel down the sides a little further. Hands stay clean!

    It works a bit like peeling a banana!!

    Say goodbye to plastic cling wrap, aluminium foil, paper, rubber bands, toothpicks, or whatever else you might use to hold your wrap together. Say hello to healthy meal and lunchbox ideas that don't fall apart while they're being eaten, by even the smallest hands.

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